Time to replace UPS batteries…

After a few recent power outages in my region I decided it was time to replace the battery on my UPS (yes, it was beeping that the battery was old and I simply unplugged it–I hang my head in shame).

I looked into getting a new battery; but, I couldn’t seem to track down anyone locally that sold that type of thing.  I went online looking for batteries.  Of course, the place where I purchased the UPS sold no such thing. (what was *I* thinking).  There are a few places that sell the battery I needed but they wanted about $50-60 with shipping (I have a 350VA UPS)!  I could buy a new UPS for cheaper than that!  I got busy on something else and another couple of outages went by and I decided to force myself to grab some UPS’s.  Turns out, there was a two-day sale on UPS’s (25% off) when I finally found the time to order them, so I upgraded to a 650VA (for the server) and purchased four 350VAs for various other places.

The previous UPS I has was a typical older-style UPS–it had only two backed-up and two surged-suppressed NEMA 5-15 sockets on it, so, I was daisy-chaining with a surge suppressor (for anyone interested, that *does* void the equipment protection warranty of the UPS and then the suppressor’s warranty no long applies for the equipment).  I grabbed four APC 350 ES’s and I upgraded to a APC 650 ES, which had loads of plugs (more than my surge suppressor), so I took the opportunity to reorganize (or organize, depending on your point of view–several pieces of hardware have come and gone since my first re-org) and label all the cables.  I now have 12 *spare* NEMA/IEC power cords, that I know of.  I also decided to consolidate my other spare cabling like my RJ-11, RJ-14, Cat-5, various D-sub cables (like DB-9 serial) , USB, Coax, and my new collection of UPS/Data-port cables (yes, I’m not using all my UPS’s on computers).  My spare cabling has never looked so organized (let’s see how long that lasts).

No sooner than I installed the UPS’s the outages stopped.  I apologize to everyone else in the region; Murphy’s law, I was the cause of the outages and now the reason they’ve stopped.  (or is that a cargo cult or association to causation logic error…).

My next task is to find a surge suppressor that has RJ-45 suppression.

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