Pot to Kettle: "You’re Black"

I distinctly remember in the first round of antitrust suites against Microsoft there were complaints that the default Windows installation included a link to the MSN Internet Service Provider sign-up URL.  AOL was included in this debacle.

Recently I had to install the Netscape browser to get to the bottom of a problem a client was having only when they used Netscape.  Going through the install process, I made sure only the browser was installed, ensuring there wasn't even a desktop for it.  Lo and behold, I now have a AOL sign-up icon on my desktop and my Start menu.

I love how companies like AOL and Sun cry foul when Microsoft does something they don't like.  Put in the same situation–despite there now being a precedence for an action not being legally acceptable–they do the exact same thing they were whining about.

Give me a break.

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