Resharper 4.0 EAP Settings and Installing Latest Build

The 4.0 EAP tends to do a full uninstall before installing (it’s pre-beta, pre-alpha even; so it’s no wonder).

This tends to blow away your settings changes.  If that’s a pain point for you, the settings are stored in “%userprofile%\application data\jetbrains\resharper\v4.0\vs9.0”.  There are a couple of xml files in there that store your settings.  Before you upgrade to the latest build, just copy those to another directory.

 It’s very likely that the format of these files has changed since the last build so copying the backups over the new version could possibly make Resharper to blow-up.  So, use with caution.

3 thoughts on “Resharper 4.0 EAP Settings and Installing Latest Build

  1. Another option would be to use the Export feature in R# to export your settings to a file. Then after the upgrade import them again. I have not had any issues doing this during EAP.

    Just another way to skin the cat.

  2. The export option only exports coding style. If you want to export other things, such as code inspection, you have to go about it the way Peter describes here. At least until Jetbrains discovers the oversight.

  3. Thank you Peter for your explanation about where R# stores its Inspection Severity (and all another) settings. So in order to save and restore R# configuration I should just save in another place content of that folder with XML files.

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