The winds of change are blowing

The essence of ALT.NET, or at least the essence that people made use of, was that it was a venue for improving one’s skills.  There has always been an undercurrent of other agendas there; but they never really took root.

The problem with the ALT.NET moniker was it isolates it from most of the industry–it was an island of .NET practitioners.  This basically flicked its thumb at the other communities–other communities that propagated some of the guidance that ALT.NET was trying to proliferate.

In the very spirit of continuous improvement it seems that ALT.NET is attempting to evolve and the ALT.NET conferences may continue (at least for a period of time, until the next kaikaku) as Kaizen conference.

Kaizen is a much more appropriate name for what people use and get out of the ALT.NET conferences.  I just hope this change doesn’t cause division, distrust and dissent (for lack of a better word).

I’ve said from the beginning that "ALT.NET" had some flaws as a name.  I hope Kaizen will continue to give the same people the ability to improve, while embracing more.

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2 thoughts on “The winds of change are blowing

  1. kaizenconf is Scott Bellware’s thing. It is an attempt to attract some lean folks where may discourage that. is just beginning and I’d like to see us carry this through. There will be an os in Philly in April and other places I am sure.

    All that said, I think Alt.netters should find hood value at the Austin event.

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