Code Coverage

I’ve worked on teams where there was significant effort into managing a push towards higher code-coverage during unit testing.  I’ve worked on teams where one more more unit tests per scenario was the focus.  Of the two types of teams, the latter had better quality software. Code coverage by itself is a rat-hole.  It means nothing on its own.  It should be used not to validate unit testing it should be used to hunt down unused code. Let’s say that during

Microsoft Knowledge Base Themes

Does the look of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles bore you?  Well, you can spruce them up with a Zune or X-Box theme. For example,, looks like this:   By simply adding ?sd=xbox or ?sd=zune to the end of the URL, you can change it to look like this   and this … respectively. For all I know, there’s many more valid sd values.  If you know of any, post ‘em.