Microsoft Techdays 2008

I’ve been lax on posting about my involvement in Microsoft Techdays 2008.  I’ll be doing two sessions in Ottawa.  One is titled “Internet Explorer 8 for Developers – What you need to know”.  The other is “Blackbelt Databinding in WPF”.

The description of Internet Explorer 8 for Developers – What you need to know:

Internet Explorer 8 has plenty of exciting new features for developers, from Web Slices and Activities, to new support for HTML5, CSS2.1, and CSS3. In this session, you’ll learn how to utilize these features in your latest and greatest Web applications. You’ll also learn how features like Compatibility Mode can help preserve the user experience during development.

The description of Blackbelt Databinding in WPF:

Most rich applications present data, often lots of it. To avoid writing lots of code to support the presentation of that data, you should take full advantage of the data binding capabilities of your presentation platform. In this session we discuss and demonstrates the data binding capabilities of WPF. You will find out what data contexts are and how they work with the element hierarchy. We will show you what Bindings are, how to declare them, and what optional capabilities they support. We will demonstrate binding to data sets as well as custom objects and collections, and discuss considerations for implementing those types. In this session we show you how to use data templates to define reusable chunks of UI that can be rendered automatically for each item in a data collection. We also discuss the way you can interact with your bound data programmatically to control the presentation of that data and to make changes to it in code.

For more information on Techdays in general, see  For more information on the sessions in Ottawa, it’s location, etc., see

If you’re coming to any of the Ottawa sessions, track me down and say HI.


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