DataContractSerializer.ReadObject is easily confused.

With WCF services you need to declare contracts and generate contract classes that encapsulate those contracts.  Most of the time you can simply let the framework deal with whatever it needs to do to deal with these objects.  Sometimes, you need to actually see without running a service what XML would result from a contract object or serialize a contract object from XML text. In .NET 3.5 there exists the System.Runtime.Serialization.DataContractSerializer class that perform serialization of data contracts. Based on its documentation it seems fairly simple to create data contract object to/from XML methods.  For example:     public static T … Continue reading DataContractSerializer.ReadObject is easily confused.

Working with Children

Every so often I work on a team with a member who cannot act professionally and is compelled to act childish. For me, there’s different stages to dealing with people like this.  Ignoring the behaviour is the fist stage.  If they’re simply looking to get a rise out of your or are simply looking for attention, ignoring them sometimes makes the behaviour go away. For people who are acting this way not to get attention or to get a rise, talking to them sometimes solves the problem.  Approaching them and simply saying “Your behaviour is not very professional.  It’s disturbing … Continue reading Working with Children