Mapping to Your Database is a Private Affair

Your mapping to your database is generally coupled to the design of the data and the mapping provider’s ability to implement a relational or non-relational model.  This means your ORM influences the design of your mapped classes and/or the design of system that uses these mapped classes.  i.e. your design can be limited in certain aspects by how the mapper is implemented. Because of these idiosyncrasies, your choice of ORM becomes an implementation detail; so, you want to keep any of its details and generated classes out of your interfaces.  You want to keep your ORM’s classes and the classes … Continue reading Mapping to Your Database is a Private Affair

Not Only SQL

I just finished a session on NoSQL at the ODNC.  Part of what I was trying to get across hinges on an understanding of what relational is, what it’s strengths are, what’s it’s really about, and where it fits (as well as caveats; but, I think that horse is flogged enough). So, before I get into some of the value-add that I think my session includes; I’d like to cover some detail about relational database. ACID Relational is really about consistency of data.  ACID guarantees are really what relational is all about–apart from it’s ability to process relations and the … Continue reading Not Only SQL