Hosted MongoDB

In my last NoSQL talk, the topic of hosting MongoDB came up.

There’s lots of data-dependant applications that are hosted on third-party systems.  Many of these systems offer data hosting as well, like SQL Server or MySQL.  But, MongoDB is a newcomer to the database arena and hosting services haven’t embraced MongoDB as much as they have with SQL Server or MySQL.

I’ve been looking into various options for using MongoDB when you’re not hosting on your own hardware; fortunately, there’s a few companies that are filling the gap here.  I’ve been taking the point of view that I’ve already got a system hosted and that host doesn’t offer MongoDB services so I’ve been looking at companies that just provide MongoDB hosting.  There’s several, with varying options and varying prices.  There’s many that offer free hosting up to a certain amount of data, and almost all of them offer dedicated processing power.  Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Name URL Free option Dedicated option
MongoHQ Yes Yes
MongoLab Yes Yes
MongoMachine No Yes


Some web hosting services are starting to offer MongoDB as an option, like ServerBeach, but, moving your data access to a different provider is much easier than moving your entire application to a different provider so I haven’t delved into these hosting companies much.

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