Introduction to Productivity Extensions

The .NET Framework has been around since 2002. There are many common classes and methods that have been around a long time. The Framework and the languages used to develop on it have evolved quite a bit since many of these classes and their methods came into existence. Existing classes and methods in the base class library (BCL) could be kept up to date with these technologies, but it’s time consuming and potentially destabilizing to add or change methods after a library has been released and Microsoft generally avoids this unless there’s a really good reason. Generics, for example, came … Continue reading Introduction to Productivity Extensions

Microsoft Open Source Lab

After the the Microsoft MVP Global Summit, I got a chance to meet with Sara Ford where she gave me a wonderful tour of campus.  Part of that tour was an introduction to some of the folks at and a look at the open source lab.  The port 25 folks are busy building an impressive set of servers (blades, HPC, etc) running various OSes (like many distributions of Linux and Unix, Windows Server, Compute Cluster Server, etc.) performing various tasks like interoperability tests and tasks.  I can’t do the complexity of their installation justice–a more detailed description can be … Continue reading Microsoft Open Source Lab