Certification Caveats

There’s lots of organizations and company’s that offer "certification"–either on their own products/processes or someone else’s.  They’ll all try to tell you the virtues of their certification.  But, despite their claims, certification isn’t a panacea.  Let’s look at some caveats of certification. The biggest area I’ve seen is what "certification" means.  "Certified" as what, or able to do what?  Really, certification only certifies that the person can and has taken an exam.  Let’s look at software development for a moment.  I’m never going to hire someone whose sole purpose will be to take that exam.  There’s the possibility that they … Continue reading Certification Caveats

Using Exceptions For Normal Logic Flow

The generally accepted wisdom is that you shouldn’t use Exceptions for normal logic flow.  Normal logic flow is a bit subjective; but anything that must happen at least once in all known scenarios is normal logic flow. Enter XML Serialization in the framework.  The framework actually dynamically creates types that perform the actual serialization of a given type and caches that assembly.  The next time that type needs to be serialized it reuses that generated type, reflection is minimized and things happen pretty quickly. Here’s the rub.  The framework decides that it must generate the type when Assembly.Load generates an … Continue reading Using Exceptions For Normal Logic Flow