Bugs Are Features Too

It’s surprising how many bugs on Microsoft Connect are closed as Won’t Fix with a reason that fixing the bug would be a breaking change. The logic is that someone could be dependant on the errant behaviour and thus changing it would cause their code to break. Here’s some samples. TypeConverter.IsValid(Object).  This method is described as “Returns whether the given value is valid for this type”.  But, this results in true:             TypeConverter typeConverter = TypeDescriptor.GetConverter(typeof(int));             Console.WriteLine(typeConverter.IsValid(“ten”)); Based on the description of IsValid that this is what was intended:              Debug.Assert(false == typeConverter.IsValid(“ten”), … Continue reading Bugs Are Features Too

No "Add Method Stub" When Passing or Assigning Delegates

I finally noticed the other day the “Add method stub” SmartTag wasn’t appearing for a new method name I type in.  I decided I’d have a closer look… When you’re practicing Test-Driven Development (TDD) you want to write a test for methods before you write the methods.  This means you write a test method that calls several other methods that don’t exist yet.  The Visual Studio IDE, in an effort to promote TDD, recognizes this and when you have your caret over a call to one of these methods a SmartTag shows up and you can select Generate method stub … Continue reading No "Add Method Stub" When Passing or Assigning Delegates