DevTeach Comes to Ottawa!

DevTeach is coming to Ottawa November 2-4 2011.   DevTeach has had some of the best speakers in the industry and some of the best sessions/tracks that I’ve ever attended.   This year is no exception, the speaker line-up is full of experts and MVPs like David Starr, Mitch Garvis, James Kovacs, Laurent Duveau, Mario Cardinal, Guy Barrette, Paul Neilson, Rob Windsor, Benjamin Day, Erik Renaud, Joel Semeniuk, etc. and locals like Garth Jones, Wes MacDonald, Joel Hebert, Colin Smith, Colin Melia, Brad Bird, Rick Claus, etc.   Tracks include Agile, Web Dev, Rich Client, SQL Server Dev, SQL Server … Continue reading DevTeach Comes to Ottawa!

Ottawa Speaker’s Idol Nov. 2nd at DevTeach Ottawa

Do you like to share your IT knowledge with others? Do you know a tip, trick or a feature that can save time for others and you would like to share it? Well, Ottawa Speaker Idol is your solution and there is still time to submit your session proposal. The deadline is Wednesday Oct. 26th. The Ottawa IT Community is organizing a contest where you can win a free registration to DevTeach Nov. 3-4 (value of $649). On November 2nd, at the venue for DevTeach Ottawa (Ottawa Conference Center), you will be invited to present your tip, trick or a … Continue reading Ottawa Speaker’s Idol Nov. 2nd at DevTeach Ottawa

DevTeach 2009 Vancouver

The schedule for DevTeach 2009 Vancouver has been announced (  There’s lots of great software development sessions from some of the leaders in our industry. If you’re planning on improving yourself, this is the conference to go to.  Not only can you attend excellent sessions; but you can hob-knob with the presenters and pick their brains. If you have a friend or co-worker who’s interested, there’s a limited-time two-for-one offer for an even better price:

DevTeach Toronto 2008

Well, DevTeach Toronto 2008 is just wrapping up.  It was a fantastic conference, many world-class developers, world-class presenters, and world-class topic.  Congrats to all.  It was well organized that the tracks that I took part in were well designed. What’s special about conferences like this is the ability to interact with peers and leaders from across our industry, something you can’t get any other way.  If you went to the conference and didn’t talk to anyone, you really missed out. The next is DevTeach Montreal in December.  I highly recommend it.