Unable To Step Into .NET Source

I began getting a problem a while ago that I was unable to step into the .NET source in Visual Studio 2008.  It happened suddenly, and I noticed it shortly after installing SP1.  Given my observation it appears to be due to upgrading the SP1; but I couldn’t find anyone else not having the same problem.  I had another computer where it worked, so I basically put it aside. Today I had a chance to have a closer look.  I had configured 2008 (RTM, not SP1) to get the .NET source based on Shawn Burke’s blog and had not encountered … Continue reading Unable To Step Into .NET Source

Trials and Tribulations of DataGridView, Column Selections, and Sorting

I had to implement some custom sorting in a DataGridView recently.  Essentially, the stakeholders wanted full column selection (like Excel) while still having the ability to sort the data based on a particular column. This particular DataGridView is data-bound.  DataGridView offers the Sort(DataGridViewColumn, ListSortDirection) method to perform this.  Nice and easy I thought: I’ll set the SelectionMode to DataGridViewSelectionMode.ColumnHeaderSelect and simply call Sort with the selected column. Well, much to my chagrin this had the side effect of making that column look selected all the time.  No matter where else I clicked, that recently sorted column looked selected (SelectedColumns had … Continue reading Trials and Tribulations of DataGridView, Column Selections, and Sorting