! Microsoft Continues Its Redmond Headquarters Expansion

Company unveils West Campus details and adds 2.4 million square feet to its real estate portfolio.

“The new international headquarters for Microsoft Research, Building 99, opened today. It is the first of seven new buildings on Microsoft Corp.’s West Campus. The company’s Entertainment and Devices Division will occupy four of the seven new buildings, part of the 1.4 million square feet of West Campus currently under construction. Planned for completion in April 2009, West Campus will feature a central campus commons, offering employees convenient amenities such as a post office, a mini-spa, a bookstore and 12 food venues. …

Microsoft also announced that site planning is currently under way for two new buildings on the former Safeco Corp. headquarters site it acquired in 2006. The company will also begin site planning for the addition of new buildings on the land it acquired from Nintendo of America Inc. earlier this year. Both of these projects are outside the three-year expansion Microsoft began in February 2006. Construction start and end dates for both sites have not yet been set.

Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire and Redmond Mayor Rosemarie Ives joined Microsoft executives at Building 99.

“The fact is, Microsoft is and continues to be a mainstay for Washington’s economy,” said Gregoire. “Not only does it create and support thousands of high-wage jobs, but it also generates enduring prosperity. It serves as a magnet for other software and high-tech companies in Washington. And many former Microsoft employees have tapped their wealth and know-how to start new business enterprises and charitable foundations.”

Over the next two years, Microsoft will continue plans to dedicate $35 million to significant transportation and infrastructure enhancements in Redmond, including improvements to roads, sewers and an overpass over SR 520. Planned for completion in the fall of 2009, the overpass will connect the east and west sides of campus, allowing for easier traffic flow on campus and in the surrounding communities. …”

More information at Microsoft PressPass.


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