! Bill Gates: The skills you need to succeed

Hi, From BBC: “In almost every job now, people use software and work with information to enable their organisation to operate more effectively. That’s true for everyone from the retail store worker who uses a handheld scanner to track inventory to the chief executive who uses business intelligence software to analyse critical market trends. So if you look at how progress is made and where competitive advantage is created, there’s no doubt that the ability to use software tools effectively is critical to succeeding in today’s global knowledge economy. A solid working knowledge of productivity software and other IT tools … Continue reading ! Bill Gates: The skills you need to succeed

! Q&A with Microsoft Security MVPs

Hi, The Security MVPs invite you to attend a Q&A with the Microsoft Security MVPs. In this chat the MVP experts will answer your questions regarding online safety issues such as phishing, spyware, rootkits as well as server related topics. If you have questions on how to protect your PC, please bring them to this informative chat.When: December 11th at 4pm PDT (Los Angeles) Where: TechNet Chat Room www.microsoft.com/technet/community/chats/chatroom.aspx Password: Public Chat no password required Use the Converter tool to know the time in your city. Source here. Technorati Tags: Security MVP,Chat Bye, Eduardo Petizme MVP Windows Server System – … Continue reading ! Q&A with Microsoft Security MVPs

! Forefront Client Security for Home User ?!?

Hi, Good news from FCS Blog. “Customers who license the Client Security agent on a per-user basis can provide the Client Security agent to employees at no additional cost for protecting home computers. These home-based Client Security agents must be deployed in an unmanaged configuration; they will not be able to report to your Client Security servers in your enterprise. The network administrator must distribute the required files to home users. For more information on Client Security licensing, see How to Buy Forefront Client Security (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=93608). For more information on using Client Security to protect home computers, see Protecting home … Continue reading ! Forefront Client Security for Home User ?!?

! Office 2007 SP1 – Avaliable to Download

Hi, “Initially, SP1 will be available as a free download from OfficeOnline. SP1 will be made available via Automatic Update in the next 3-6 months. For a full list of improvements in SP1, download the Service Pack 1 whitepaper.” From ActiveWin. Technorati Tags: Office 2007,SP1 Bye, Eduardo Petizme MVP Windows Server System – ISA Server Site: http://petizme.com Blogs: http://blog.petizme.com ( USA | BRA )