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A little late but I think that is a nice story…

This will be a long text …

In MVP Global Summit 2007, I had the opportunity to attend a Bill Gates keynote. When I thought that would be the best opportunity of my life, came my rearward of MVP and the opportunity to see Steve Ballmer [CEO] last year in the MVP Global Summit 2008. It was amazing, I was able to see and hear him at the headquarters of Microsoft in the U.S. – Seattle / Redmond.

Again I thought were unique opportunities and that perhaps is not repeated soon. But came the announcement of Steve Ballmer’s Keynote here in Brazil. Of course it is not the same thing, but I can say that I was very happy to have him open our event here in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our public has the same taste that I had there in Seattle / Redmond.

But an invitation did everything that small. I was one of the few Brazilians MVPs selected for a meeting with Mr. Steve Ballmer.  More than listening to him in a presentation, there would be listening and talking with him in the same room.

For some it may seem silly, but for a  technology and Microsoft lover as I do, was a dream that maybe never be realized. Face to face with the world president of Microsoft. Unbelievable. I was very happy with the invitation and will be eternally grateful for this opportunity.

We had some conditions and restrictions to participate, how to get there before the time, did not disclose the meeting and does not come with any electronics.
The meeting happened on Tuesday, October,14 /2008, in a room reserved there in “Transamerica Expo”, where was the Tech-Ed Brazil in 2008.

I arrived on time and knew that there was other people who were invited.

MVPs of IT (5) made 5 questions and DEV (8) made other 5. The idea was to use the best possible way those precious minutes.

We made a circle with chairs and sofas where were the MVPs, the Michel Levy (President), Carlos Ferreira (Director of DPE), Renata Rochel (MSDN Manager), Mark Rodrigues (TechNet Manager) and Daniel Ferreira (Expert. NET’s MSDN ) all of Microsoft Brazil.

The expectation was great, after  the time was passing and I thought that his stay with us would be lower than hoped, but to my surprise it was not.

He is very nice. Shook the hand of all of us, introduced himself "Hi, I’m Steve Ballmer" in a tone of "as if they do not know who I am" with each of us. It was very special.
He made a brief thanks to the MVPs, so our time there with him (believe?) And Carlos Ferreira asked if we could make some questions to him.

We made ten questions, I particularly asked about the security in "Cloud Computing" [he had announced the previous week that MSFT will develop a Windows Cloud Computing] and on two occasions expressed my opinion, one on the "Live Mesh" and another on the use of PHP in IIS. Sometimes he wrote something in his role of notes …

At the end I went to him and thanked him for coming to Brazil, a chance meeting and that it be our keynote, and that was of great value to our public and businesses.

Shook back his hand and leaves the room as a child that wins this that both hold.

I tried to explain here how valuable are our dreams and when you get there, dream higher.

The "simple" to help the community ITPros since 2006 which is a passion, I am increasingly satisfactory results. Be recognized as MVP, to me, but for most it is something inexplicable.

If you have to help and support (love and love) without getting anything in return is the secret to a happy life.

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Bye, see you.

Eduardo Petizme
MVP Forefront Security
Site: http://petizme.com
Blogs: http://blog.petizme.com ( USA | BRA )

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