! New IAG – Unified Access Gateway (UAG)

Hi all, As Forefront MVP I already know about it, but now (April 29th) it’s public. “At the Interop conference today, Microsoft announced its next-generation secure remote access gateway product, Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG), available in the first half of 2009. Forefront Unified Access Gateway is the evolution of Microsoft’s current solution, Intelligent Application Gateway (IAG 2007), and moves the successful product under the Forefront brand.  UAG will bring new features and functionality to make remote access easier than ever for all users and IT professionals.         … Built on Windows Server 2008, UAG is designed to offer one solution … Continue reading ! New IAG – Unified Access Gateway (UAG)

! MVP Summit 2008 – Seattle & Redmond – WA – USA

Hi all, Last week was the MVP Global Summit, edition 2008, at Seattle & Redmond (Microsoft Campus) – WA – USA. Participate in this exclusive event is one of benefits to be a MVP. This year we had more breakout sessions with the product team and my case much better than 2007 was. I saw sessions w/ Forefront Client Security, Forefront Server, ISA/TMG/IAG/UAC and Stirling. Almost all content is under NDA and I cannot tell you what I see, but “Stirling” is already available to download as a beta and you can try it (see my old post about it). … Continue reading ! MVP Summit 2008 – Seattle & Redmond – WA – USA

!Microsoft Security Bootcamp on Mexico

Hi, Next week, from 4 to 8 June I’ll be on a Microsoft Security Bootcamp with Forefront/IAG/ISA on México. This event will be destined for countries of Latin America and I will be representing Brazil there. Will be there only one person of each country. I hope that I’ll have access to broad band to be able to post some news to you about this event/training. Thanks, again, to Frois and Ana [from Microsoft Brazil] by this opportunity. []’s, Eduardo PetizmeMVP Windows Server System – ISA Server Site: http://petizme.comBlog Portugues: http://petizme.spaces.live.comEnglish Blog: http://msmvps.com/blogs/petizmeCommunity: http://www.itcentral.com.br