! Four mistakes that can kill virtual machine performance

Hi, From SeachVirtualization site, see below: 1: Virtual machine screensavers Screensavers are an absolute requirement for desktops in the hallways of our brick-and-mortar offices. They ensure that a user who walks away from his computer returns to one that has been secured against prying eyes. Screensavers can also provide protection in data centers. If screensavers on servers activate and lock the console after a few minutes of inactivity, they can protect that environment from an intruder who gains physical access. But screensavers are a quiet consumer of processor resources. No matter how insignificant that screensaver seems, the processor power required … Continue reading ! Four mistakes that can kill virtual machine performance

! Hyper-V available to download

Hi all, Last week Virtualization Team make available to download the final version, RTM, of Hyper-V. A beta of Hyper-V was included with Windows Server 2008 and this update provides the final release. TechNet and MSDN Sites it’s already running under Hyper-V and 25% of Microsoft.com is running 🙂 Official site: www.microsoft.com/hyperv Bye, Eduardo Petizme MVP Forefront SecuritySite: http://petizme.com Blogs: http://blog.petizme.com ( USA | BRA )