! Interview: Forefront Stirling

Hi all, Ronald Beekelaar is the VM guy! He do a very good work preparing VM’s for Microsoft Teams. See this interview w/ him about Forefront Stirling. Ronald Beekelaar on Stirling and being your own boss More info and source here or here. Bye, Eduardo Petizme MVP Forefront Security Site: http://petizme.com Blogs: http://blog.petizme.com ( USA | BRA )

! Forefront Stirling Policies

Hi, From Extreme Blog: “Even in Beta 1 of Forefront Stirling you can check out the security policy capabilities the product has.  I know what you’re thinking – “whoopee, more policies”, but what you can do with the policies in Stirling are quite impressive. What can you do with Stirling policies? For each policy, you can easily specify granular compliance settings for Forefront Client Security (FCS), Forefront Server for Exchange (FSE), and various other security state assessments AND specify granular automated actions to be taken to remediate – all from a single console.  Some ideas for what you might do … Continue reading ! Forefront Stirling Policies