The $100 Hamburger book

This morning while reading the latest issue of AOPA Pilot, I saw a quick blurb regarding a book that lists all of the fly-in Restaurants in the country.  Since I was introduced to the $100 Hamburger phenomenon yesterday, I thought it was rather coincidental that I find that article.  If you visit the website, you can pay a fee to get access to an online version of the book, that is said to be updated hourly.  Military pilots get complementary access – a nice benefit for our bravest men & women. Amazon has the book currently listed at $16.47 USD, 34% off retail.

Photo Album: N64SG trip

N64SG trip Sherry’s Columbia 350 on the ramp at KGRD 57 Alpha Cafe – KFQD’s world famous $100 Hamburger joint What we were following on the way out of KFQD, a nice Pitts. Looking west toward the Appalachian mtns. on the way back to KGRD

My first flight in N64SG

"What a great day for flying."  Those were the words I heard through my cell when Sherry called me first thing this morning.  She has been trying to get down to Greenwood and take me flying in her Columbia 350 for quite some time, and just had not been able to get things to work out, whether it be a family illness, schedule conflict, or just plain lousy weather (which was the case last Friday).  Anyway, things just clicked for us both today, and down she came! After arrival, Sherry had the tanks topped off, then mentioned that it would be nice to fly VFR up to Rutherford County airport.  … Continue reading My first flight in N64SG

MVP Global Summit countdown!

One of the great opportunities presented to Microsoft MVPs is the invitation to attend the (nearly)annual Global Summit. This year’s summit is set to kick-off March 12th – 16th, just two weeks to go!  From what I understand, this will the biggest ever, with some +1,700 in attendance from all over the world – talk about a technological melting pot for a week! One of the highlights of the event this year is having a Keynote address done by Bill Gates. How cool is that? I’m due to arrive there mid-day Monday, flying out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and leave early that following Friday. … Continue reading MVP Global Summit countdown!

Crunch! Screeetch!

Ouch! This is a video showing what it is like to land a Cessna 182RG accidentally with the gear up. From videographer Paul Wingo: "There was a snow storm approaching in about an hour and we were doing a check ride. Because of possible ice, we had been flying with the gear down the entire time. We started doing touch and goes after a while. Habit when you take off is to raise the gear. This is what happened. So, when we come around, they were conversing and what not and simply forgot the gear was up. The prop got … Continue reading Crunch! Screeetch!

FSX Mission Spotlight: San Juan Island Run

In my previous post, I mentioned the "San Juan Island Run" FSX Mission, so I decided to give this mission a closer look.  This mission is based on a real-world example of a typical flight for a Kenmore Air pilot. Kenmore is not your run-of-the-mill airline.  Kenmore Air is the largest seaplane-based airline in the world, offering flights from Seattle, WA, to a variety of locations in the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, CA. Kenmore Air offers scheduled flights, charter service, and packaged excursions. The company’s fleet of aircraft, most of which are de Havilland Beavers and de Havilland Otters, carry more … Continue reading FSX Mission Spotlight: San Juan Island Run

Photo Album: San Juan Is. Run

San Juan Is. Run Kenmore Seaplane base, S60. Taxiing to position for departure. Maximum performance climb take-off. The view of Lake Washington…beautiful! Lake Union is just off the nose. Landing on Lake Union with a splash! Passengers and cargo are stowed, and it is time to get airborne again. The view from 4000 ft. Half way there! What a beautiful panel! More Photos…