Bear Gulch in FSX

My good friend and fellow FS developer Bill Womack has posted new images of his fourth-coming update of Bear Gulch scenery that will accompany the RealAir Simulations Scout FSX package.  The images are courtesy of the talented screen shot "grabber" Nick Churchill.  The images look great, so be sure to have a look! While checking those out, be sure to take a look at Bill’s post introducing Dillingham Field in Hawaii – simply stunning!

SimHQ celebrating 10 years

SimHQ, a site that covers the entire spectrum of simulation software from air, land, & sea combat, and driving genres, is celebrating ten years of community service starting this week.  One of their contributors, John "Spoons" Sponauer, has written a nice commentary called "Ten years of SimHQ" telling his perspective of those ten years.  He includes a couple of screens showing how the site has changed over time (and he mentions that the site is due for a redesign this year). On each Monday from now until the end of the year, they will present what they call SimHQ DejaNews.  I’m sure it will bring back many … Continue reading SimHQ celebrating 10 years

What’s up with the Twinkie?

Those of you who have been following the Twin Comanche project in eager anticipation, I have some updates to relay. As you can see above, work on the Bendix/King KI 825 is underway courtesy of Ed Wilson, one of Eaglesoft’s talented gauge gurus.  Yep, that’s an actual screen capture of it going in FS.  Ron has been steady on updating me with 2-D panel work, and that too is shaping up very well.  In between work on the Columbia 400 for FSX, I am placing panel lines on the exterior paint of the model.  When I get that finished to a … Continue reading What’s up with the Twinkie?

Rob Reider’s AirShowCast

I’m always excited when I stumble upon a new aviation site. The great thing about my blog is that I get to share that excitement with my fellow aviation enthusiasts. I found AirShowCast this morning, and gave a listen to each of Rob’s 6 episodes this year. Talk about great podcasts – Rob’s experience as an airshow announcer really gives these episodes a very professional sound.  I highly recommend it! Subscribe to his podcast via Itunes.

Forum Field 2007 – multiplayer airshow this weekend

A good friend of mine gave me a head’s up on a pretty cool event that is going to be taking place tomorrow in New Zealand. It’s the Forum Field 2007 airshow that will be hosted in a multiplayer FSX session! From the site: "To celebrate the first birthday of the New Zealand Flightsim Forum, a special event is happening Saturday April 28th. ‘Forum Field 2007’ is a virtual Airshow showcasing much of New Zealand’s Flightsim talent. Special scenery has been developed by David Hall for the occasion, and a fleet of modern and ‘classic’ aircraft will be put through their … Continue reading Forum Field 2007 – multiplayer airshow this weekend

No FSX SP1 by April 30th

Reported this afternoon by Phil Taylor, Senior Program Manager for Graphics and Terrain: "It is true, for perf testing the upcoming Beta3, I gave advice to turn AI aircraft down. Some AI aircraft have a high render cost and will skew the results of perf testing Beta3. We had a perf regression in trees we believe Beta3 will fix, and need results that are not skewed to validate that. "It is also no secret that turning down AI aircraft gives back perf in RTM, this just confirms it. And my guidance simply confirms that SP1 performed no work in this area. … Continue reading No FSX SP1 by April 30th

FSX CJ1 released!

I’m pleased to announce the release of the Cessna CJ1 version 1.5 for FSX. Bill Leaming has been completely rebuilt using the latest FSX techniques featuring specular and bump mapping technology, and he has done a fine job of it!  Head over to Eaglesoft’s website for more details.


Did you know that GARMIN had a blog? Until last Thursday, I did not.  While searching for information on Sun-N-Fun, I ran a search through Technorati and this post appeared. I followed it, and saw that built into the post was a contest: name the barnyard animal sound in the intro music to their youtube video.  So, I watched the video, and gave a reply with my answer. I haven’t really thought much of it since then. I figured that there were many others who followed this blog and had beaten me to the punch.  Not so!  I received an email this morning … Continue reading GARMIN blog