Sim Pilot Magazine

There’s a new online FS magazine in circulation that has caught my attention: Sim Pilot Magazine. Run by a fellow FS developer Christian Stock, issue #1 covers some very interesting ground. They review Digital Aviation’s Dornier 27 (which just got released for FSX, BTW), evaluate the flight dynamics differences between FSX and X-Plane, and a few other nuggets of great FS verbage. Check it out!

The Jet

The Jet. Cirrus Design unveiled their newest concept aircraft to the public today and it is nothing that I imagined it would look like. The V-tail is a nice touch. What do you think of it? I see they are continuing the tradition of dual doors, an uncommon feature of the latest VLJs.  Will it be as successful as the SR-20 & SR-22?  Only time will tell.

Barrington makes it home

Barrington Irving completed his around-the-world expedition this morning with an eventful arrival into Opa Locka airport.  Ron Hamilton and Bob Hayes were two of several hundred people who greeted him with a huge celebration, complete with CNN and CBS news coverage of his arrival.  Be sure to stay tuned as to more news surrounding Barrington’s flight is sure to follow!

Further paint tweaking of Twin Comanche in FSX

While we were in Batavia this weekend, I realized that the predominant color of Roy’s chromalusion paint is really a teal color (shown below) and highlights a bright purplish magenta color. So, I spent today modifying my textures to represent this, and I made a quick video of the results. Video: Improved Chromalusion effect

A trip to Sporty’s

Roy was kind enough to invite me along on a flight to visit the home of Sporty’s Pilot Shop in Batavia, Ohio today. It just so happened to also be a CFO fly-in where the AOPA Catch-A-Cardinal would be displayed with a (nearly) complete airframe. The view of the appalachian mountains over North Carolina and Tennessee. Short final into Batavia. Roy and I were lucky to have run into Sporty’s President Michael Wolf when we arrived, and he gave us a sneak-peek at the Cardinal. Sporty’s founder Hal Shever insisted that Roy’s plane be parked next to their 2007 sweepstakes … Continue reading A trip to Sporty’s

Jeppesen SIMCharts 4.0 price reduced & unlimited subscription

New from Jeppesen is version 4 of their SIMCharts add-on for Microsoft FSX at a reduced price. Originally released in November of ’06 at $59.95 USD, the price is now $41.95 USD with an unlimited subscription duration! Some FAQ information: Does SIMCharts by Jeppesen offer paper enroute charts? No. Unlike version 3, paper enroute charts are not available. Jeppesen provides Microsoft with a customized extract of its "NavData" (aeronautical navigation database). This NavData is used by Microsoft to render the enroute segments of the flight. Since there is a very high correlation between the information contained in the NavData extract and Jeppesen’s paper enroute … Continue reading Jeppesen SIMCharts 4.0 price reduced & unlimited subscription

More advice from Adrian

So you thought that polygon counts are not as important as they used to be.  Well, according to Adrian, you are right … sorta.  It is vertice counts that can get you!  Adrian does a much better job of explaining exactly what this is all about in his latest blog entry called "Performance Art 3: Polygons don’t matter."  He uses examples that pertain to scenery objects such as buildings, but the advice he gives most certainly applies to aircraft models.  The take home message is pretty simple: snap those vertices on the model, use the least number of smoothing groups … Continue reading More advice from Adrian

FS community mourns loss of Ron Freimuth

News has quickly spread about the passing of flight dynamics expert Ron Freimuth.  Several examples of his work can be experienced with the Dreamfleet Archer II, Cessna 177 Cardinal, Boeing 727, T37 Tweet, Feelthere Caravan, and many other freeware and payware packages.  He was an active participant at, where participants strive to attain realistic flight behavior within 1% of the real aircraft. His contributions to our hobby have been great and he will be missed. Rest in peace Ron.

Barrington on US Radar!

After a long wait at Schemya, Alaska, Barrington made it to Anchorage on Sunday. Today he is enroute to Juneau and is on US FAA radar for the first time since March 30th! Barrington is attempting to make it to Seattle, but I understand a bit of rough skies are between Juneau and Seattle that is a little too much for the Columbia 400 to "weather."  His reception gala has been postponed due to his long stay at Schemya, but with the progress he is making, I’m sure it will not be pushed back too far.  God Speed Barrington! (Image courtesy … Continue reading Barrington on US Radar!