Games for Windows news from Leipzig

More news from Leipzig for Microsoft Games for Windows! In addition to the formal announcement and introduction of "Train Simulator 2," Microsoft also announces that Ubisoft will join the Games for Windows branding with "The Settlers: Rise of an Empire," and the SideWinder gaming accessories returns with the introduction later this year of the Microsoft SideWinder Mouse. More information can be seen in the official press release.

Tdragger returns from hiatus

Mike Gilbert (A.K.A. Tdragger), a PM for Train Sim, returns to the land of the living, …er land of the blogging…, and reports on his visit to Germany for a "massive" game conference. He says that he’s got a full DVD worth of stuff to show regarding Train Simulator 2 … I’m anxious to see what that includes.  Maybe some of the generous reporters there in Germany will be willing to share to the public… Whooo Whooo!

Free practice IFR flights from BruceAir

Back in January, I spoke of Bruce Williams’ new book Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid. While in Oshkosh, I had the pleasure of witnessing Bruce speak about his book in one of the forums. People in the audienced asked some really great questions and were quite intrigued by the practicality of his examples. For those of you who already own the book, Bruce has posted a few more IFR flights on his website to complement his collection included on the CD-ROM. Those of you who have not yet taken the plunge and purchased his book, you should have … Continue reading Free practice IFR flights from BruceAir

Vectors – an FSX film

Words cannot describe the entertainment packed into this highly creative FSX film. I’ll just say things get very interesting during a Red Bull Air Race in San Francisco…

Music List: Favorite Songs

Favorite Songs Simple Minds: Alive and Kicking The Best of Simple Minds Pink Floyd: Learning To Fly A Momentary Lapse of Reason Talk Talk: Life Is What You Make It Natural History: The Very Best of Talk Talk Grand National: Talk Amongst Yourselves Kicking the National Habit Dave Matthews Band: Warehouse Under the Table and Dreaming

3D Lights from Shockwave

New from Shockwave productions is 3D LightsTM, a new set of FSX landing lights that can be used on all default aircraft (or any 3rd party aircraft for that matter). The video does a great job of demonstrating how it looks in the sim. The product has sparked a pretty lively discussion thread over at AVSIM. Bloom does not have to be on for this to work, but I’m sure it would make them look even more spectacular.