FSX Twin Comanche images!

I managed to post a few images of the exterior of the Twin Comanche as she’s looking in FSX. Bloom does not work well on my PC, so I can’t show images of that I’m afraid. You’ll see that there is a distinct color change in the Chromalusion stripe thanks to the flexibility of the specular map. I plan on putting up some images of the VC soon!

FSX Twin Comanche VC nearly complete!

I managed to get nearly all components of the virtual cockpit of the Twin Comanche animated and tagged for click spots over the weekend. A few animations did not translate very well and Bill & I should be able to sort those out within a few days, I’m sure. Once I get the VC in a "beta-ready" state, I’ll go back and get the two "retro" schemes up to FSX standards complete with specular maps. We plan on adding a few other paint schemes in as well! I originally hoped for this process to be done before the Christmas holidays – now I’m certain we’ll … Continue reading FSX Twin Comanche VC nearly complete!

FSX version of the Twin Comanche status report

Since the release of the FS 2004 version of the Twin Comanche, I’ve been hard at work on getting the model converted to a true FSX-compliant version.  I’m happy to report that great progress has been made in the two weeks since then. As most people know, FSX uses a completely separate model for the exterior and interior. I have completed the exterior model as of Wednesday, and I’m already 25% done converting the interior model. Bill sent along an FSX-compliant gauge package the other day so that I can appropriately test things that interract with the pre-flight gauge, and … Continue reading FSX version of the Twin Comanche status report

Pretty cool FSX versus reality video

Chris "BeachAV8R" Frishmuth from SimHQ has released a clever video comparison of FSX and a real flight in a Beechcraft B200 from Asheville, NC to Charlotte, NC. The write-up is here and the direct download for the video is here.

6 repaints for the PA-30 at AVSIM

Courtesy of Bjørn Erik Henriksen, a talented repaint artist from Norway, are 6 new aircraft paint schemes available for the Eaglesoft Twin Comanche. Download here. Download here. Download here. Download here. Fix also available here. Download here.

Lots of MGS news!

Let me be the first to publicly congratulate Brandon Seltz as the newest official team member for ACES as a game designer! I have known Brandon personally since I met him last spring in Redmond during the MVP Summit, and we have been great friends ever since. Through Sakson & Taylor, he worked side-by-side with Paul Lange for much of the work on FSX: Acceleration. Speaking of Flight Simulator X – Acceleration, today marks the release for this exciting add-on package. Look for it to appear on store shelves at any time! 

Repaints already rolling out

The Twin Comanche has been out for less than a week, and there are already several repaints of it being done. Check these out: Comanche N126MAComanche G-AVUDComanche N22LM These should be available on AVSIM soon, if not already. Be on the lookout for them!