Summing it all up

Houston … we have a problem! This cliché term has been beaten to death but for a lack of a better phrase, fits the title of Francois Dumas’ latest treatise quite well. Francois makes some very valid statements that have been on my mind for quite some time. His analysis that the FS market is in a 3-way tier state is accurate and I’ll summarize here: 1) People who are completely new to the FS franchise with FSX being their first introduction who are not aware that an entire global online community exists that further supports this platform 2) A small … Continue reading Summing it all up

Jason Waskey is leaving ACES

ACES is losing a long time contributor to the FS franchise this Friday. I received word via a personal note from Jason that he’s leaving 10 1/2 years of work to pursue his first love – fine art. You thought that Jason had quit blogging by the looks of his technet blog (though he did post his farewell message there), but in fact he has been blogging quite regularly on another site dedicated to his artwork.  I wish Jason the best of luck in his new venture as a fine artist!

New renders at TSInsider

In case you haven’t checked out the TSInsider website in the past 24 hours, they’ve posted some brand-new renders out of the Art Department. I love the appearance of the glass on that Dash 9!

AVSIM reviews the Twin Comanche!

AVSIM has posted their review of the Eaglesoft Piper Twin Comanche. Here is the blurb from the front page: Staff reviewer Angelique van Campen tours around the southern Florida area again, but this time in Eaglesoft’s Twin Comanche. "The Piper PA-30 and PA-39 Twin Comanche are a twin-engine development of the PA-24 Comanche single-engine aircraft. The Twin Comanche is the most fuel efficient aircraft in its class." About the interior, Angelique comments, "I love the 2D view. Eaglesoft offers an IFR and VFR look. From the IFR panel, the lower part with all the switches is removed, which results in … Continue reading AVSIM reviews the Twin Comanche!

FSX SP2 now available!

Congratulations to the ACES team at MGS for releasing FSX SP2 with 10 days to spare (original goal was to publish by Christmas)! Details on individual downloads can be found at Phil’s blog. Check out Jon Patch’s notes on SP2 here. I hope the team can now rest well over the holidays to come back fresh to press on with FS XI. 🙂

Flightcast interview!

Flightcast #10 has just been published with an interview done with yours truly!  Patrick Ashley of asked me to discuss with him the process behind what it takes to develop 3rd party aircraft for FSX. So a few weeks ago, he and I had about a 3o minute chat discussing the topic as he recorded the conversation. Check it out and let me know what you think!

I’ll be home…

I’m a fan of college football, well, certainly moreso than the NFL. My favorites are in this order: Virginia Tech, Clemson, and anyone who is playing USC (in our part of the country, that’s the University of South Carolina, not the University of Southern California). This picture was being sent around the office today, and I found it entertaining enough to post. USC actually broke a record this year … they’re the first team who was bowl-elligible in Wk. 8 not make it to a bowl game at all. Hahahaha!! I’m happy to see VT going to the Orange Bowl – I hope they put a … Continue reading I’ll be home…