Nemesis® NXT® 3KM Speed Blast!

One of the most exciting events to take place at this year’s AirVenture has to be record attempting flights that Jon Sharp is going to perform in the Nemesis® NXT®. His attempts will take place during the showcase flights that are a part of each afternoon’s airshow. Sharp says the record attempt is a fun event for spectators. "They don’t get to see this type of event very often, and it’s not like a normal air show act. They are actually seeing history being made before them." The Nemesis® NXT® is the next generation aircraft evolved from the original Nemesis which … Continue reading Nemesis® NXT® 3KM Speed Blast!

ATC at Oshkosh

One of the most enjoyable aspects of AirVenture for me is the extreme amount of ATC chatter that is to be heard. Anyone who has read the AirVenture NOTAM knows that the VFR Arrival into Fisk is an essential part of the adventure of arriving to KOSH. Want a sample of that chatter? Check out this 30 minute recording from 2006 to see how hectic things becomes and why minimal talk from the aircraft inbound is highly encouraged! There are a few new things this year compared to years past. For example, new dots are being use on Runway 18/36 and the … Continue reading ATC at Oshkosh

Bloggerfest at AirVenture

I read that there will be the first annual bloggerfest at AirVenture this year in the Forums area. It is scheduled for 4pm on July 28th in the GAMA building (#2). Who knows, I may show up and see what its all about!

Boeing 40 video

While browsing the EAA website, I ran across this great piece on the Boeing 40, the oldest flying Boeing aircraft in the world. The aircraft is scheduled to be on display at AirVenture … I can’t wait to check it out!

Goin’ back to OSH … OSH … OSH

…Yeah, I think so! This year marks my 3rd year in a row for attending the greatest aviation event in the world … EAA AirVenture! It appears that things are really shaping up to be a stellar event this year. Some of the things in particular that I am excited about seeing are … the Red Bull Helicopter, the Nemesis record attempts, and the Comanche mass arrival. See you in Oshkosh!

Chattanooga Choo Choo!

In the spirit of Train Simulator 2, my family and I decided upon the vacation destination of Chattanooga, Tennessee as our big summer trip. We stayed at the historic Choo Choo hotel (in an actual rail car, no less) and had a great time seeing the sights around town. Check out some photos from the trip… Christy Lake and I standing in front of our railcar room! A part of the package we got from the Choo Choo hotel was a trip on the Missionary Ridge Local – we’ve got our tickets and we’re ready to go! While waiting for the train to … Continue reading Chattanooga Choo Choo!

N204WT is for sale

After 3 years of enjoyment, Roy has decided to sell N204WT. He asked me to post details in case an interested party ran across it on my site, so here are the particulars! Aircraft Feature List AOPA Win-A-Twin 2004 sweepstakes aircraft, taken delivery February 2005. IO-320 B1A Lycoming engines 160 HP, with Superior Millennium Cylinders, GAMI fuel inj. LOP 14 GPH @165-170 KTS. Engine under warranty for one more year all new parts and built by Penn Yan Air. Special Q tip props by Hartzell with chrome spinners. L. Eng. 445 hrs. and RT. Eng. 442 as of today 06-11-08. … Continue reading N204WT is for sale