South Carolina Breakfast Club January 2009 Schedule

I’m in the process of obtaining the full 2009 SCBC schedule and I’ll post that when I’ve received it. Here are the January dates and locations. January 11th – Eagle Aviation, Columbia Metro Airport (KCAE)January 24th – Greenwood County Airport (KGRD)Arrival: 7:30 – 9:00 AMBreakfast: Between 9:00 & 9:30 – 11:00 AMDeparture: 11:30 AM

Jim Koepnick – EAA Chief Photographer

Anyone who is an EAA member knows of Jim’s work – he has shot over 400 covers of EAA publications (Sport Pilot, Sport Aviation, Sport Aerobatics, & Warbirds to name a few). I had the pleasure of meeting Jim this past summer’s AirVenture. He has an online gallery and a montage of air-to-air photos you should check out. There is a reason he has been Chief Photographer for EAA for 24 years.

Give the gift with Altitude!

With less than a week left to go before jolly ole’ St. Nick makes his yearly trek around the globe, the shopping days are quickly dwindling. If you haven’t had a chance to find a gift for that person in your life who has an interest in aviation, but just hasn’t taken the leap into taking lessons … here is the perfect gift! For $119 you can give an introductory flight at one of over 4oo flight schools across the USA through Included in the package: A 30-40 minute flight lesson with an FAA-certified instructor. A 30 minute seminar to … Continue reading Give the gift with Altitude!

Jetpedia … dot com!

If any of you are like me and need a site for a quick fix on aviation related news, photos, or video then Jetpedia is the place for you. It essentially is the headlines from the top aviation news sources around the web, such as, AVWeb, and AviationWeek. They also provide some Flickr photos and Youtube videos for a bit more visual stimulation. I encourage you to check it out soon!

Bravo 369 Flight Foundation

Through my good friend and favorite community evangelist Hal, I was recently introduced to an interesting chap named Jeff Geer and the Bravo 369 organization. You see, Jeff is set to make a “Flight for Education” in the summer of 2009 from Bellingham, Washington to Provideniya, Russia along the Lend-Lease route established during WWII. He aims to have his flight uploaded real-time so that others around the world can fly alongside him virtually in Flight Simulator X. From their website: ”Jeff’s vision for … the Flight for Education is ‘To leave a legacy of inspiration – to positively motivate and … Continue reading Bravo 369 Flight Foundation

Drastic aesthetic changes in store for AirVenture 2009

Those familiar with Whittman Regional Airport during the months of July and August are in for a shock as to what is being changed regarding the layout of the main grounds. Steve Taylor is EAA’s facilities manager and has been utilizing a new blog to help tell the story of what is being done there. Steve may have gotten a late start, but he sure has been very forthcoming of information since inception of his blog in November. Much of the infrastructure is now in place and can be seen in this post. The entrance is now easier to navigate … Continue reading Drastic aesthetic changes in store for AirVenture 2009