ESP Insider

It’s been around for a month or two, but those of you who have not run across it yet there is a new site on the world wide web just for news related to Microsoft ESP: ESPInsider! It’s just getting started so be sure to bookmark it. Also on the topic of ESP, have a look at this – Dr. Kenji Takeda from the University of Southampton in the UK has been using ESP in conjunction with a Microsoft HPC Server – a supercomputer he is using to model some very complex aerodynamic situations. Have a look at his blog … Continue reading ESP Insider

South Carolina Breakfast Club 2009 Schedule

January 11th – Eagle Aviation, Columbia Metro Airport (KCAE)January 24th – Greenwood County Airport (KGRD)February 8th – OpenFebruary 22th – Lancaster County Airport (KLKR) March 8th – Rock Hill Airport (KUZA)March 22rd – Sumter Municipal Airport (KSMS) April 5th – Summerville (KDYB)April 12th – Easter April 19th – Broxton Bridge, Ehrhardt, SC (SC55) Turf May 3rd – Green Sea, SC (S79) TurfMay 17th – White Plains Plantation, Lexington, SC (SC99) May 31st – Holly Hill (5J5) June 14th – Cheraw Municipal Airport (KCQW)June 28th – Triple Tree, Woodruff (SC00) July 12th – Salisbury, NC (KRUQ)July 26th – Anderson Regional Airport … Continue reading South Carolina Breakfast Club 2009 Schedule