MVP Summit 2008: Extracurricular activities

I had some free time on Thursday afternoon after the summit was over, so a buddy named Justin Lamb drove to Seattle and graciously allowed me to hang out with him until it was time for me to leave Seattle. We started out with a quick jaunt over to Kerry Park in the Queen Anne district. I snapped this photo there… While at Kerry Park, Justin had the grand idea of heading up to Everett to tour the Boeing Factory. So off we went! No cameras or cell phones were allowed on the tour so I have no pictures to … Continue reading MVP Summit 2008: Extracurricular activities

MVP Summit 2008: ACES visit

This year’s MVP Summit had FS MVPs spend not one but two full days with members of ACES Studios. The first thing that I noticed while walking into their new offices at Willows was all of the ample room available to them now. Each "cluster" had its own common area. Here is what I found in the Flight Sim team’s common area. Yep, nothing like a bit of Rock Band to make the day go by. While on the quick tour that Hal gave us on our first few moments in the studio, I picked up on a few other … Continue reading MVP Summit 2008: ACES visit

Here at the Summit

 I am here! Today marked the beginning of the Summit, with a great keynote by former MVP General Manager Sean O’Driscoll on Web 2.0. I briefly ran into Nick while shuffling about – I’ll be catching up with him again on Wednesday. I’m taking lots of photos and I’ll be sharing them when I get a chance. Tomorrow as well as Wednesday, I’ll be spending time with Hal and the ACES team. I can’t wait!

MVP Summit 2008 right around the corner

Next month, I’m headed to Seattle for my second MVP Summit. I am excited about this year’s format versus last year. The time I spent with ACES team members last year was quite limited due to how the whole event was organized. All Games for Windows MVPs were grouped together, which didn’t quite work IMHO. Those who are more in to MMOG’s and casual type games are not too interested in Simulation, and vice versa. This year, the Game for Windows MVPs who are specialized ACES Studio’s products are being split off from the main G4W group, getting 2 full days with Hal and … Continue reading MVP Summit 2008 right around the corner

I made MVP for 2008!

I am deeply honored to again be included as Game for Windows MVP for 2008 with the email I received today: Dear Owen Hewitt, Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2008 Microsoft® MVP Award! The MVP Award is our way of saying thank you for promoting the spirit of community and enhancing people’s lives and the industry’s success every day. Your extraordinary efforts in Windows – PC Games technical communities during the past year are greatly appreciated. Sadly, I hear that my friend Joel DeYoung did not make it this year.

More pictures from the MVP Summit

The first event was a technology expo, where we all could meet up with our MVP Leads and get introduced to fellow MVPs within each technology group. From left to right, MVP Lead Tyler Welch, myself, and fellow G4W MVP, Ho Yin Au. Bill Gates giving his Key Note address on Tuesday morning. The MVP party was held at the Museum of Flight.  The entire place was reserved for this gathering, and food & drinks were plentiful!  Probably the closest I’ll get to space walking. The flight simulator lab in the Aviation Learning Center.  Eaglesoft donated the Cirrus SR-20 G2 software used within … Continue reading More pictures from the MVP Summit

Polypoke has been mirrored!

As Nick has mentioned, I’ve had this blog mirrored over at to much of Nick’s pleasure (he’s been trying to get me over there for a while). It is actually pretty neat in that it uses this site’s RSS feed, so it’s on autopilot. Very cool!  Maybe this will result in more readership – who knows!  Thanks to Susan for the help! 

MVP Global Summit countdown!

One of the great opportunities presented to Microsoft MVPs is the invitation to attend the (nearly)annual Global Summit. This year’s summit is set to kick-off March 12th – 16th, just two weeks to go!  From what I understand, this will the biggest ever, with some +1,700 in attendance from all over the world – talk about a technological melting pot for a week! One of the highlights of the event this year is having a Keynote address done by Bill Gates. How cool is that? I’m due to arrive there mid-day Monday, flying out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and leave early that following Friday. … Continue reading MVP Global Summit countdown!