Flight Sim Books

Take a nostalgic journey back in time by visiting Flight Sim Books where you will find vintage text of Flight Simulators of yesterday. One book in particular is a gem – PC Pilot by Steve Smith. It covers an assortment … Continue reading →

The Evolution

A fellow blogger has taken the time to give a great MS FS 98 through MS Flight comparison. The shots are taken in Hawaii since that was the location chosen by the MGS team to showcase the initial screens: Part … Continue reading →

FrenchPainter: You’ve gotta see this!

I am often amazed at what I can stumble upon when doing a simple #fsx search on Twitter. I curiously clicked on @frenchpainter to broaden my horizons a bit, and WOW…my jaw hit the floor. I picked two shots that … Continue reading →

Flight Sim And Twitter

As Twitter has gained traction in just about every segment of the online world these days, I thought that I would share some twitter accounts that may be worthy of following within the flight sim community. Twitter name Description FrenchPainter … Continue reading →

Bravo 369 Flight Foundation

Through my good friend and favorite community evangelist Hal, I was recently introduced to an interesting chap named Jeff Geer and the Bravo 369 organization. You see, Jeff is set to make a “Flight for Education” in the summer of 2009 from Bellingham, Washington to Provideniya, Russia along the Lend-Lease route established during WWII. He aims to have his flight uploaded real-time so that others around the world can fly alongside him virtually in Flight Simulator X. From their website: ”Jeff’s vision for … the Flight for Education is ‘To leave a legacy of inspiration – to positively motivate and … Continue reading Bravo 369 Flight Foundation

Announcing the Nemesis® NXT® for Flight Simulator!

I am proud to announce the project that has had me busy for the past 3 weeks … the Nemesis® NXT® project for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Created by Jon & Patricia Sharp, the Nemesis® NXT® is the premier Sport Class racer at Reno. Jon plans to shatter the 3Km speed record for his aircraft’s weight class this week at AirVenture. Jon & Patricia have partnered with Eaglesoft and myself  to create the MS FS version. The FS version is based on the actual CATIA model used for wind tunnel testing and manufacturing of the real NXT® kit. Without further adieu, I … Continue reading Announcing the Nemesis® NXT® for Flight Simulator!

Flight Simulator as therapy?

Many flight simmers in the world use their time with the sim to wind down from a long day or to escape from the realities of day-to-day life. Have you ever considered how this could be done in a hospital setting to help patients "get away" from their pain? A young man named Kevin Query has done just that and pioneered a program at Munson Infusion Clinic in Traverse City, Michigan called Sky High Hope. The program began in November of 2007 by Kevin with the help of the AERO’s flight school at Northwest Michigan College. Using a laptop, a joystick, and … Continue reading Flight Simulator as therapy?