Chattanooga Choo Choo!

In the spirit of Train Simulator 2, my family and I decided upon the vacation destination of Chattanooga, Tennessee as our big summer trip. We stayed at the historic Choo Choo hotel (in an actual rail car, no less) and had a great time seeing the sights around town. Check out some photos from the trip… Christy Lake and I standing in front of our railcar room! A part of the package we got from the Choo Choo hotel was a trip on the Missionary Ridge Local – we’ve got our tickets and we’re ready to go! While waiting for the train to … Continue reading Chattanooga Choo Choo!

TSInsider has some new updates

While a good portion of the TS Art Team is currently gathering research info in Europe, the folks back home have been steady with updates on the TSInsider website. You can meet the production team (though I know of at least 1 person they have overlooked). Check out a cool W-I-P video of the Horseshoe Curve Route (be sure to read the disclaimers). They also show a new European route – BLS Lötschbergbahn and some great renders of the rolling stock for that area. Be sure to bookmark TSInsider and check it often for more updates!

New renders at TSInsider

In case you haven’t checked out the TSInsider website in the past 24 hours, they’ve posted some brand-new renders out of the Art Department. I love the appearance of the glass on that Dash 9!

TSInsider launched!

Microsoft Game Studios recently launched as the Train Simulator 2 web site, much like is the home to Flight Simulator X. While the site is in its infancy, there is some pretty good information to wet the appetite on the product information page. This is definitely a site to bookmark!

Tdragger returns from hiatus

Mike Gilbert (A.K.A. Tdragger), a PM for Train Sim, returns to the land of the living, …er land of the blogging…, and reports on his visit to Germany for a "massive" game conference. He says that he’s got a full DVD worth of stuff to show regarding Train Simulator 2 … I’m anxious to see what that includes.  Maybe some of the generous reporters there in Germany will be willing to share to the public… Whooo Whooo!

French TGV smashes record

  In the spirit of the forth-coming Train Sim from ACES, I just had to post this amazing video showing the French TGV called V150 smashing the speed record at 574.8 kilometres per hour / 357 miles per hour yesterday. It is powered by motors that can develop over 25,000 (yes, thousand!) horsepower. Absolutely incredible!