Why FSX has Rough Performance

I invite you to take a look at this post by Adrian Woods, formerly of ACES who was re-hired on to work on Microsoft Flight. I realize that the post is nearly 2 years old, but there is quite a … Continue reading →

Lots of MGS news!

Let me be the first to publicly congratulate Brandon Seltz as the newest official team member for ACES as a game designer! I have known Brandon personally since I met him last spring in Redmond during the MVP Summit, and we have been great friends ever since. Through Sakson & Taylor, he worked side-by-side with Paul Lange for much of the work on FSX: Acceleration. Speaking of Flight Simulator X – Acceleration, today marks the release for this exciting add-on package. Look for it to appear on store shelves at any time! 

New ACES blogger!

There is a new ACES team member in the blogosphere, and he’s gotten off to a great start! Please welcome Mike Porter a.k.a. Portergraphics to the scene. Mike is a former FASA Interactive team member (you know, the guys responsible for games such as MechCommander and ShadowRun) and joined ACES two months ago as a Lead Vehicle Artist. Mike has 13 years of game development under his belt and brings much to the table. In fact, he is using his blog as a "tip of the day" resource for anyone interested in game development. You will quickly find out that he … Continue reading New ACES blogger!

Games for Windows news from Leipzig

More news from Leipzig for Microsoft Games for Windows! In addition to the formal announcement and introduction of "Train Simulator 2," Microsoft also announces that Ubisoft will join the Games for Windows branding with "The Settlers: Rise of an Empire," and the SideWinder gaming accessories returns with the introduction later this year of the Microsoft SideWinder Mouse. More information can be seen in the official press release.