Twin Comanche nominated

What an honor! The Eaglesoft Twin Comanche has been nominated for the SimFlight 2008 Awards in the AIRCRAFT: GENERAL AVIATION, COMMUTER category. Be sure to cast your vote soon – voting ends on October 7th!

FSX Twin Comanche – how to change engine time

Though the real aircraft has had a substantial overhaul, there is still quite a bit of hours on the Twin Comanche’s engines. Unfortunately, the engines are set to zero by default in the FSX version. Want to change that? Here’s how… First, you need to make sure you are able to see hidden folders. That’s pretty easy to do. Simply go to My Computer, select Tools, then Folder Options…. Next select the View tab, and look for a radio button that says "Show hidden files and folders" and select it. Now press the Apply button and you’re all set. Okay, … Continue reading FSX Twin Comanche – how to change engine time

AVSIM reviews the Twin Comanche!

AVSIM has posted their review of the Eaglesoft Piper Twin Comanche. Here is the blurb from the front page: Staff reviewer Angelique van Campen tours around the southern Florida area again, but this time in Eaglesoft’s Twin Comanche. "The Piper PA-30 and PA-39 Twin Comanche are a twin-engine development of the PA-24 Comanche single-engine aircraft. The Twin Comanche is the most fuel efficient aircraft in its class." About the interior, Angelique comments, "I love the 2D view. Eaglesoft offers an IFR and VFR look. From the IFR panel, the lower part with all the switches is removed, which results in … Continue reading AVSIM reviews the Twin Comanche!

Three days left on FSX Twin Comanche promotion!

Time is running out! There are three days left before the  30% discount coupon expires for the FSX Twin Comanche! If you haven’t joined the many satisfied customers in proud ownership of this classic bird, now is the time! Note: Right click on Coupon and use browser save picture as function to obtain your Discount Coupon. Do not Left Click! Discount Coupons must be used at time of new product purchase for a discount price to be applied! Visit the Eaglesoft website to obtain your copy now!

It goes up to eleven!

Using a utility I will not name, the Twin Comanche has been analyzed for draw calls within FSX, and it "goes up to eleven!" That’s it. Using the very same utility, the default FSX Maule results in TEN draw calls. It doesn’t get much better than this folks. Optimization of both texture counts and draw calls is the answer for well performing aircraft in Flight Simulator, period! It can be done – the FSX Twin Comanche proves that. (Thanks Bill!)

New TC paint schemes coming soon!

Bjørn has been a busy bee since the release of our FSX Twin Comanche. Nick has been actively posting images of some brand-new paint schemes for the Twin Comanche that are (IMHO) Bjørn’s the best yet! I’ll post download information for the new bottom two as soon as it is available! D-GALX for FS9- download here. D-GALX for FSX- download here.

Twin Comanche production scrapbook

I was sorting through some paper near my desk this morning, and I stumbled upon some of the drawings and images I used as production references for the Twin Comanche. I thought that it would be fun to share these images with you and give a glimpse at the method to my madness. Here is a top view and appropriate notes. Believe it or not, all of this made perfect sense to me at the time. I took measurements using a carpenter’s measuring tape that only had inches and feet. All of these figures had to be converted to meters, as … Continue reading Twin Comanche production scrapbook