A couple of new schemes and FSX bloom effects

Ron requested this unique Canadian scheme and I’m glad he did. It is definately one of my favorites, especially with that way cool Citation horseshoe on the tail. This is a standard paint scheme flown by XOJET. Below are a few screens I captured while testing this bird in FSX running DX10 with Vista Ultimate 32-bit. The bloom effects are quite stunning!  To avert any confusion, yes these images are Alpha builds of the aircraft. There is still much to be finished on the project, namely with regards to the re-write of the avionics. Bobby is also hard at work on revamping … Continue reading A couple of new schemes and FSX bloom effects

Nice curvy scheme

While doing research on some of the other schemes that I’ve recreated, I ran across this very nice scheme and thought it would look great on the new FSX Citation X 2.0. I made sure to zoom in a bit on the antennae in the last shot to illustrate the chrome leading edge. Yeah baby! 

NetJets classic Citation X scheme

Below is a classic Citation X scheme being flown by the NetJets organization. As early adopters of the CX, they have one of the largest fleets of CX’s in the US and Europe. It may be hard to notice, but I have created FSX-style chrome along the leading edges of the major antennae, just as they are in real life. More improvements and schemes to come! 

5000th Citation!

From the memorial of the previous post, I thought that a more upbeat commemorative edition of the CX was in order. May I present a recreation of the 5000th Citation! This aircraft is operated in the real world by XOJET and took delivery in December of 2007. XOJET currently flies 15 Citation X aircraft, and has agreed to purchase 30 more! The Citation X has been sold since 1996 and continues to be a very successful as the fastest business aircraft available.

More liveries!

While I await Bobby’s work on the shadow enhancements, I’ve been busy painting up a couple of new liveries. I also created my very own global environment map for chrome. What do you think?

Citation X meet FSX, FSX meet Citation X!

It is with great pleasure I present the very first in-game renders of the FSX Citation X! Of course these are very early development shots and I’m certain much will change in regards to the paint. Bobby still has some enhancing to do. However, I hope these illustrate the high detail that is now capable of paint schemes for the CX – all curvy lines are nearly jaggie free! This platform should become a repainters dream come true!