Outlook 2010: 7+ Home tabs

Outlook 2010 has 7+ tabs labeled Home. Let me introduce them to you (none of them were taken with an Exchange account; apologies for the varying screen resolutions):

Mail – IMAP
Note: Quick Steps don’t show in the technical preview for IMAP due to a bug

Mail – RSS


Calendar – List view





Computer woes

Part of the reason why it has been quiet on the RibbonCustomizer front is that the mainboard of my main computer (a good old Gigabyte mainboard with an AMD 64) died after years of faithful service. Unfortunately, replacing my computer with a brand-new Core i7 based machine became a nightmare on its own.
Used to the […]

Another beta update

Hallo everybody,
going forward, I’ll be aiming to release a new beta build every other Monday.
Today I posted a new beta build that comes with a major visual change: RibbonCustomizer will now adapt its look to your current Office 2007 color scheme. I also took a look at the automatic update feature and this should be […]

RibbonCustomizer Beta updated

Hello everyone,
I just posted a new beta version of RibbonCustomizer (V1.2). That version should fix the bug that a lot of you are experiencing with RibbonCustomizer not working.
It would be great, if you can download and install it. Please give me feedback, whether the add-in works for you again afterwards or not.
Patrick Schmid

RibbonCustomizer is not dead

Hello everybody,
contrary to what it looks like and contrary towards my habit of not answering a lot of your emails, RibbonCustomizer is not dead. My problem is that I am short of time due to my full-time job as a management consultant.
I hear all your concerns though and especially the ones related to the […]

False positive virus alert with RibbonCustomizer setup program

I posted earlier that the setup program of RibbonCustomizer triggered a virus alert with some virus scanners (see report). Kaspersky, one of the affected virus scanners, just informed me that it was a false positive virus alert and that the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. I will keep updating this post as […]

RibbonCustomizer currently not available for download

RibbonCustomizer is currently not available for download. I have received several reports that the setup program triggers a virus alert with some virus scanners. I was able to confirm that 9 out of 36 virus scanners identify a trojan virus within the setup program (setup.exe).
I am working on determining whether this is truly a virus, […]

RibbonCustomizer bug fixes

I just posted a new RibbonCustomizer release with lots of bug fixes related to custom image handling.
Unfortunately, I had to change the image handling code substantially. This new release cannot read images created with the previous one. It should simply not load them and you can add them manually again. If you encounter problems with […]

RibbonCustomizer – Use custom images

The newest beta version of RibbonCustomizer lets you now use your own custom images as icons on the Ribbon. The only limitation is that you cannot assign custom images to Microsoft commands. But you can assign your own images to all your macro buttons.
Important warning: Files generated with the newest beta release cannot be read […]

MVP again

I just got renewed as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for OneNote for another year.
Due to my new job, I haven’t been very active recently. Hopefully, I will have more time going forward to be more active again!