Microsoft Antigen 9 Service Pack 1

Für Antigen 9 (also der Spam-/Virenscanner von Microsoft für Exchange Server 2000 und 2003) ist nun auch ein Service Pack verfügbar.

Antigen 9 SP1 includes the following features:

  • Enhanced cluster installations – There were some issues with installing Antigen on a cluster.  The fixes to address those issues  (previously only available in the 9.0.1055.64) are now available in a complete release package.

  • Wide Character Support (Globalization) – Antigen 9 SP1 has support for Unicode characters.  This means that things such as filter lists names or tag text can be named using local language characters.  The product is still an English product and is limited to English-only install directories, but Unicode is accepted pretty much everywhere else.

  • Rollup of existing bug fixes – Every hot fix that has been released to customers has been rolled into this release.

  • Software updates via Microsoft Update – Antigen 9 SP1 can now be have product software updates done automatically by Microsoft Update.

  • Office 12 File support – We have added some support for the Office 12 file formats.  We can now identify Office 12 files as such instead of treating them as corrupted compressed.

  • Deprecated the CA Iris engine – CA recently has dropped support for the CA Iris engine by incorporating the functionality that CA Iris provided into the CA Vet engine.  Consolidating the engines means there’s one less engine to update and you still get the same functionality!

  • Improved license renewal – Antigen 9 SP1 now has the ability to accept your Volume Licensing user agreement number and expiration date.  This allows you to renew Antigen without getting a license file.  Simply enter the new agreement number and expiration date and you are ready to go.

  • Changed Default SpamCure update frequency to 15 minutes – A common problem with spam detection is not updating spam signatures often enough.  The default update frequency has been changed form once a day to every 15 minutes, thus improving spam detection out of the box.

  • The engine update scheduler only creates one scheduled job for each engine – In previous versions of Antigen the AT scheduler was used to manage engine update schedules.  This resulted in many, many jobs being listed in the AT scheduler.  In Antigen 9 SP1 we utilize SCHTASKS which allows for recurring tasks and one scheduled task per engine update!

Zu beziehen ist das Service Pack entweder über das Microsoft Volume Licensing-Portal oder über die Sybari-Website – je nach dem, auf welchem Weg ihr die Lizenz gekauft habt. Als ganz normaler Download ist das Service Pack nicht erhältlich :-(

Viele Grüße

Dieter Rauscher
MVP ISA Server