Erste Informationen ueber die naechste Forefront-Generation verfuegbar

Microsoft hat heute in einer Pressemitteilung Informationen zur nächsten Forefront-Produktgeneration bekanntgegeben.
Die neue Lösung mit dem Codenamen “Stirling” soll eine einheitliche Verwaltungsoberfläche bieten, mit der sich sämtliche Verwaltungs- und Berichtsaufgaben erledigen lassen.

Da ich im Moment in Orlando auf der TechEd bin, fehlt mir die Zeit zum Übersetzen. Daher hier der wesentliche Abschnitt aus der Pressemitteilung:

A year ago, we launched the Forefront brand of security products for business. We entered this market because customers were asking us to make security easier – easier to manage, easier to integrate, and easier to buy. This is why we remain focused on providing products that simplify the security and access experience, while maintaining comprehensive protection and integrating seamlessly with an organization’s IT infrastructure. During the year, we have delivered on our promise and by launching 10 new security and access products, which are now helping millions of users worldwide access the information they need, while protecting organizations from the latest threats.

Today, we are unveiling the next installment of our Forefront product roadmap, which takes our comprehensive, integrated and simplified approach to the next level. The key highlight of this roadmap is Forefront “Stirling,” a unified product that will provide comprehensive protection across client, server applications and network edge from a single management console. “Stirling” will be the first in the market to integrate full-featured security and access technologies in a single product. With one management console, “Stirling” enables IT managers to centrally set policy, configure, deploy and manage security within their IT environment. With “Stirling,” taking control of securing and managing an organization’s IT infrastructure becomes easier and more cost-effective.

“Stirling” will include the next-generation versions of Forefront Client Security, Server Security and Edge Security and Access solutions, plus a unified management console. Customers can obtain current versions of any of our products today and be assured of an easy upgrade path to “Stirling” from current products and licenses. We are really excited to work with customers on this product, and we’ve scheduled a limited beta, starting later this year.

Die ganze Pressemitteilung gibt es hier.

Viele Grüße

Dieter Rauscher
MVP ISA Server