ORMs Meet SQL – My Presentation for Tuga IT 2016

Even having been just a few hours at the Tuga IT conference, I can say that it was a huge success! So many awesome speakers, the chance to meet friends and talk about all the crazy stuff going on was great!

The Tuga IT organization and sponsors really deserve a big applause for making it possible.


I will highlight one of them, because I have the feeling that without his enthusiasm, vision and “madness”, this wouldn’t have happened: Niko Neugebauer (@nikoneugebauer), aka, “Columnstore guy”! Well done, man! Winking smile

As for me, thanks to the NetPonto community who selected my presentation, I had a chance to do a light talk about ORMs, which you can find in my OneDrive here. Kudos to NetPonto for having me on board! Winking smile

See you next year, I hope!

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Ricardo Peres

Tech Lead at RedLight Software.

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