2016 in Review

Another year is over, time to review what I did this time… so here it goes:

Some trends:

Not all was good, though… was unable to finish on time an article for a development magazine… and was late on delivering another ebook… and couldn’t start another book, due to pure lack of time… more news on the first two next year, hopefully!

Next year I imagine I will be writing more and more on .NET Core and specifically ASP.NET Core. Probably some Elasticsearch and Docker (new!) too. Some “classic” topics will have more contents soon:

Azure and AWS will probably pop up too. Too soon to tell!

Anyway, I wish you all an excellent 2017! Thanks for visiting me, keep dropping by! Winking smile

Entity Framework Core Cookbook – Second Edition

Some of you may be aware that my new book for Packt Publishing is out! It is titled Entity Framework Core Cookbook – Second Edition because it was meant to be the second edition of Entity Framework 4.1: Expert’s Cookbook. In fact, it is mostly a full rewrite.

It is organized in chapters:

Chapter 1: Improving Entity Framework in the Real World

Chapter 2: Mapping Entities

Chapter 3: Validation and Changes

Chapter 4: Transactions and Concurrency Control

Chapter 5: Querying

Chapter 6: Advanced Scenarios

Chapter 7: Performance and Scalability

Appendix: Pitfalls

When I started writing it, .NET Core was still in early RC1. Things changed a lot from RC1 to RC2 and then again to RTM, so I had to revisit all chapters in the end. It was a pity that EF Core 1.1 was released shortly after the book was closed, because I could have talked about it too. Also, there are things that I could have covered, like extending Entity Framework Core, but there were so many of them! Smile Maybe in a future time!

Those of you who are interested can get a copy from the Pack Publishing site or from other sellers, either as an e-book or in hardcopy.

I want to thank everyone at Packt Publishing, namely Chaitanya Nair, Merint Mathew and Siddhi Chavan for their professionalism and support!