Entity Framework Core Succinctly Released

My latest (and fifth) ebook for Syncfusion’s Succinctly collection is out: Entity Framework Core Succinctly! It covers Entity Framework Core 2.0 and you can download it for free – need to register first, though.

This book is inspired by my previous one on Entity Framework Code First, but quite a lot has changed.

Huge thanks to Jeff Boenig for the technical review and to Hillary Bowling, Tres Watkins and Jacqueline Bieringer of Syncfusion for all their support.

Published by

Ricardo Peres

Tech Lead at RedLight Software.

2 thoughts on “Entity Framework Core Succinctly Released”

  1. The web site this ebook is on, does not work with chrome or with Microsoft Edge.

    Also on that site the download button does not work, and the viewer is non-functional.

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