Fusion Tech Talk #1

(Portuguese only, sorry!)


Na passada terça-feira, 7, teve lugar nas instalações da Fusion Cowork o primeiro evento Fusion Tech Talk!

Tive a honra de fazer uma apresentação sobre a Microsoft e o open-source e a segunda apresentação, sobre Cake, foi feita pelo Pedro Marques (@pitermarx).

Tivemos uma boa afluência, cerca de 40 pessoas, o que, para um primeiro evento, não foi nada mau! Outro se seguirão, para tal, convido-vos a submeter ideias em https://www.meetup.com/Aveiro-Technology-Talk.

Obrigado ao Pedro Marques, à Fusion Cowork e a todos os que estiveram presentes, conto ver-vos nos próximos eventos! Winking smile

MVP Award Renewed

It was with great pleasure that I read Microsoft’s email today announcing me that I had renewed as MVP for the third year!


Being an MVP is both an honor and a privilege, and I feel both proud and humble to again be a part of this fantastic group of people! Thanks, Cristina, for this!

I also want to congratulate all of the other Portuguese MVPs that were renewed this year, and leave a word of comfort to those who haven’t. All the best, guys (and lady)! Winking smile

ORMs Meet SQL – My Presentation for Tuga IT 2016

Even having been just a few hours at the Tuga IT conference, I can say that it was a huge success! So many awesome speakers, the chance to meet friends and talk about all the crazy stuff going on was great!

The Tuga IT organization and sponsors really deserve a big applause for making it possible.


I will highlight one of them, because I have the feeling that without his enthusiasm, vision and “madness”, this wouldn’t have happened: Niko Neugebauer (@nikoneugebauer), aka, “Columnstore guy”! Well done, man! Winking smile

As for me, thanks to the NetPonto community who selected my presentation, I had a chance to do a light talk about ORMs, which you can find in my OneDrive here. Kudos to NetPonto for having me on board! Winking smile

See you next year, I hope!

Elasticsearch @ MVP Western Europe Community Open Day 2016

Today I presented on Elasticsearch at the MVP Western Europe Community Open Day 2016, in Rome. Apart from some problems with the magnifier tool, and taking much longer than I should Confused smile, I think it went relatively well!

If you are interested, you can find the PowerPoint deck and the sample steps in my One Drive here.

Thanks for voting for my presentation and for showing up! Winking smile

Entity Framework 7: What’s New?

The Microsoft WebCamp 2015 event (Portugal) is now over! Another day packed with lots of interesting sessions and, above all, interesting people! Smile

As usual, here is the slide deck for my presentation, Entity Framework 7: What’s New?. In the shared folder you will also find the sample code. *Please*, do drop me a line if you want to discuss any of the topics!

Thanks to all who dropped by, and to Luís Calado (@elcalado) and João Almeida (@jalmeida) from Microsoft Portugal for inviting me! Winking smile

Open Source @ Microsoft


This post is based on the presentation I did for Porto Tech Hub 2015, Microsoft ♥ Open Source, slightly revised and augmented.


I intent to demonstrate that Microsoft’s involvement with open source is not exactly new.

So, the big news is:

  • Microsoft is embracing/supporting/producing/using open source software: Microsoft
    Open Source
  • Lots of APIs are now open source, others will follow!
  • Applications are being considered for release as open source!

But, let’s think for a moment… is this actually new?

A Bit of History

So, let’s take a walk down the memory lane and remember some of Microsoft’s positions on this subject…


Hmmm… this doesn’t seem good for open source, does it?


First version!


Nice! At the time, AJAX Control Toolkit offered some cool features that would integrate nicely with ASP.NET!


Open Office XML formats!


Interesting! Who would have thought? Microsoft was then the 17th top contributor to the Linux kernel, even for “selfish” reasons – they wanted to be able to run Linux inside virtual machines, and also that Linux could run Windows VMs.


Oxite was an attempt at building an open source CMS, which was discontinued. Eventually, some of the people involved moved to Orchard. Nice to see that VS includes jQuery and Modernizr in their ASP.NET templates!


Wow, this this is getting interesting! All of MVC, Web API and related stuff is now open source! It seems they are getting serious about this!


Visual Studio now has Git support!


War is over! All peace! Winking smile



But Why?

But why the big shift? Well, in my view, there are a couple of reasons:

  • Trust the source: companies will respect more a package if they can see what’s inside and even change it
  • Gain from community: attract respected developers from the open source communities; have others fix bugs and contribute new features
  • Build bridges: join communities with similar concerns together; we don’t always have to be competitors
  • Reach other markets: sell software to other platforms; profit from support instead as from licenses
  • Everybody else is doing it!

What Exactly Are We Talking About?

So, what is exactly Microsoft’s commitment to open source today? I’d say it’s down to:


Microsoft has submitted for standardization (unlike others who are generally considered more open source friendly). Some examples include:

Not exactly open source, but they are also involved in the working groups that are specifying a number of technologies:


They have also build a couple of open source languages:

And also support others in IIS and in tools such as Code and WebMatrix:

Frameworks and Libraries

Microsoft has made available a number of frameworks and libraries, including:

A free implementation of Redis:

It also contributed a number of libraries to existing projects:

Visual Studio templates include popular open source JavaScript libraries:

And IntelliSense is offered for a number of others:

The next version of Visual Studio, 2015, will also support popular libraries for building JavaScript and managing dependencies, fully integrated with the IDE:

Finally, the Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network makes available all of these and more: http://www.asp.net/ajax/cdn.


Also some great tools have been open sourced:

Others were made freely available:

Where Can I Find More Info?

There are a number of Microsoft-sponsored locations:

What’s Next?

Microsoft – or, rather, some of its employees – have given glues on what might come next:

  • Windows Live Writer: the popular blog editor is probably going to be released as open source. Scott Hanselman has been championing this cause
  • Internet Explorer: there have been talks about open sourcing it, especially now that it is going to be replaced by Edge in Windows 10
  • Windows Phone and Windows: also possible, there have been rumors about it, but not quite substantiated, I’d say

I would like to add a couple of suggestions myself:

  • SharePoint Designer: it is now freely available and has a number of notorious bugs; could profit from the community, because there is no other tool that does what it does
  • Expression Studio: the Expression suite has been discontinued and parts of it are present in Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual Studio Code: it is already based in an open source project (GitHubAtom)


So, as you can see, open source and Microsoft’s engagement is not exactly new. Microsoft has made important contributions to open source and appears to be willing to go even further. Not sure if Windows or Visual Studio themselves will ever be open source – I doubt it – but I think we will see an increasing push towards cross platform and open source solutions in the Microsoft ecosystem. These are interesting times indeed! Winking smile

Porto Tech Hub 2015 – Wrap Up

Porto Tech Hub is over… for now! I was interesting, I got the chance to listen to some good presentations, learn a bit, and see old friends. I really liked the presentations by my former colleagues @ CRITICAL Software, Norberto Leite (@nleite), from MongoDB and Rui Ferreira, from Facebook, and, of course, the one from my friend and colleague João Esteves, which you can grab from the event’s site.

My presentation, Microsoft ♥ Open Source, is now available at my SlideShare. I tried to show a few open source projects and initiatives from Microsoft, so as to demonstrate that it has always supported open source for some time now.

As always, I’d like to hear from you!

MVP Showcase 2015 – Wrap Up

(This post is in portuguese and english)

Well, the MVP Showcase 2015 event is over! After all the excitement, it’s nice to calm down, but I am already missing all these extraordinarily gifted people and all the technical hype! Smile

I couldn’t attend all the sessions that I wanted, because there were always two in parallel, but I must say that I was very impressed with the overall quality of the presentations! Well done, guys!

For those who might be interested, here are the slides for my presentation, “Entity Framework 7: NoORM” (in english). As always, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Once again, thanks to all our sponsors, and to all attended the event!

Bem, o MVP Showcase 2015 acabou! Depois de toda a excitação, é bom ter um bocado de sossego, mas já estou a sentir saudades de toda aquela gente tão extraordinariamente dotada e de toda a envolvente técnica! Smile

Não pude assistir a todas as sessões que gostaria, porque havia sempre duas em simultâneo, mas devo dizer que fiquei muito impressionado com a qualidade geral das apresentações! Bom trabalho, pessoal!

Para aqueles que possam estar interessados, aqui estão os slides da minha apresentação, “Entity Framework 7: NoORM” (em inglês). Como sempre, adorava ouvir o vosso feedback!

Mais uma vez, o meu obrigado aos nossos patrocinadores, e a todos os que assistiram ao evento!

MVP Showcase 2015

UPDATE: you can find the slide deck here.

(This post is in Portuguese and in English)

As I mentioned earlier, the Portuguese MVPs are organizing the MVP Showcase 2015 event, this Wednesday, April 22nd, in Lisbon, at Microsoft’s premises.

I will be presenting on Entity Framework 7, and the slide deck will be available here after the event. Besides myself, the other presenters will be:

The keynote will come from Cristina Gonzalez Herrero (@crisgherrero), the head of the MVP program for Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Como disse antes, os MVPs portugueses estão a organizar o evento MVP Showcase 2015, na próxima quarta-feira, 22 de Abril, em Lisboa, nas instalações da Microsoft.

Eu vou fazer uma apresentação sobre o Entity Framework 7, e os slides irão estar disponíveis aqui após o evento. Além de mim, os outros apresentadores serão:

A apresentação será feita pela Cristina Gonzalez Herrero (@crisgherrero), a responsável do programa MVP para Portugal, Espanha e Itália.

Espero ver-vos todos por lá!

MVP Showcase Portugal 2015

(Portuguese only, sorry!)

É com muito gosto que anuncio o evento MVP Showcase Portugal 2015!

Organizado pela comunidade de MVPs portugueses, irá ocorrer dia 22 de Abril, nas instalações da Microsoft Portugal, e tem como objectivos:

  • Apresentar o programa MVP da Microsoft e explicar como os seus membros podem ajudar as empresas e mesmo developers individuais;
  • Promover as várias comunidades de developers portuguesas;
  • Realizar apresentações sobre várias tecnologias Microsoft, por especialistas nessas mesmas tecnologias;
  • Networking, networking, networking! Winking smile

Cada sessão terá entre 30 e 45 minutos, e entre as quais haverá espaço para confraternizar com os MVPs e colocar questões: Ask The Experts.

A participação é gratuita mas sujeita a inscrição em http://mvpshowcase2015.eventbrite.pt.

Podem encontrar mais detalhes sobre o evento em http://msmvppt.org, incluindo a agenda detalhada.

Estamos no Facebook em https://www.facebook.com/MVPpt, no Twitter em @mvpportugal e respondemos a quaisquer questões que tenham no email msmvp@outlook.pt.

Os nossos patrocinadores, que tornaram este evento possível, são:


Esperamos por vocês lá! Winking smile