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W2KSG: Drive is Ready

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One last look at drives and then we are on to folders.

Script Center Home > Microsoft Windows 2000 Scripting Guide > Scripting Concepts and Technologies for System Administration > Script Runtime Primer > FileSystemObject > Managing Disk Drives Ensuring That a Drive is Ready

Listing 4.4 uses the Filesystem object to test if drives are ready.  If you examine the script the majority of it, like a lot of VBScripts is taken up with display.  Using PowerShell’s ability to substitute variables into a string we can cut that down and make a much simpler script.

#Listing 4.4
$fso = New-Object -ComObject "Scripting.FileSystemObject"
$fso.Drives | Foreach {
    if ($_.IsReady){"DriveLetter $($_.DriveLetter) has $($_.FreeSpace) of freespace" }
     else {"DriveLetter $($_.DriveLetter) is not ready"   }

Get the filesystemobject as before. Pipe the drives into a foreach cmdlet and test on the IsReady parameter.  If the drive is ready it displays the freespace otherwise it gives a message that the drive is not ready.  It does pick up USB drives and memory sticks.


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