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Last nights user group had two good presentations.

James O’Neill explained his Hyper-V library and how he learnt more about WMI than he really wanted to at the time.  The library is on codeplex at http://www.codeplex.com/PSHyperv.  This is a free download and if you are using Hyper-V is a must have for your admin toolkit

Jonathan Medd explained how to use WMI to manage Exchange 2003.  The evening turned into a bit of a WMI feast but given how much you can do with WMI the more information you get on it the better. Jonathan’s scripts are available as a PowerGUI pack from www.powergui.org

Two completely different technologies connected by PowerShell and WMI.

Many thanks to both speakers. 

We also managed to have a draw for a PowerShell book.  Next meeting will be towards the end of November with a session on PowerShell and Reporting Services.  Hopefully we will get the Live Meeting up and running for that meeting


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