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AD Livemeeting

In this post -!43CFA46A74CF3E96!1823.entry - I said I would be doing a Live Meeting on Tuesday 25 November on AD and PowerShell.  I'm beginning to put together ideas for the session so if there is anything that you want covered in particular please leave a message on the blog or email me powershell-uk[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk


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PowerShell and WebServices

The slides from Jeffrey Snover's session at PDC have been posted -

As well as the stuff on web services there is a look at new functionality for PowerShell v2


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I recently did an interview with Jonathan for his podcast series.  If you would like to here my views on life, the universe and PowerShell (not necessarily in that order) you can find it at


Don't forget to stop by the ATE PowerShell booth next week at TechEd.


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PowerShell future

Have a look at this post -

the amount of PowerShell functionality that is on the way is truly awesome.  If anyone ever doubted Microsoft's commitment to PowerShell this should change their mind. Couple of real stand outs:

  • active directory
  • group policy
  • clusters
  • webadmin - presumably building on what has been done with IIS 7

This comes to a total of 574 cmdlets before we start thinking about providers. This is going to be fun.


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W2KSG: Check Spooler Service

Checking the status of a service in PowerShell is very easy.

Listing 13.6 in the scripting guide shows how to check the status of the print service using 8 lines of VBScript. It translates to

Get-Service -Name "Spooler"

It doesn't get any easier.


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PowerShell by default

The next versions of Windows will have PowerShell installed by default (except server core where its an option) -

This is going to make remote admin a dream. When you add the new features in PowerShell v2 and the additional Windows functionality based on PowerShell -

it really is going to be a case of you have to learn PowerShell to do your job.  I'm currently working through the study guide for one of the Exchange 2007 exams and I'm amazed by how much of it is PowerShell based. Takes me back to the SQL Server 6.5 admin exam that was all based on Stored Procedures (yes I know I'm showing my age 🙂 ).

Command lines rule.


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ATE schedule

I've received my time slots for Ask the Experts at TechEd EMEA.  I'll be on the booth

Tuesday 10.00 - 13.00  with Dmitry

Wednesday 15:45 - 19:00

Thursday 13:00 - 18:00

No doubt I'll be around at other times as well.  See you there.


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Windows 2008 R2

For a preview of some of the Windows 2008 R2 features check out


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Greener IT?

One thing I noticed with the laptop and other products I bought at the weekend was that the packaging was all cardboard - easy to recycle.

Is this a response to the Green push??


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Interesting Error

Just come across an interesting error.  I have been experimenting in my virtual machines with some scripts for building and populating distribution groups.  I have 2 DCs in the domain but only had one up and working (the RID Master) and got this error

New-Mailbox : Active Directory operation failed on This error is not retriable. Additional information: The directory service has exhausted the pool of relative identifiers.
Active directory response: 00002011: SvcErr: DSID-031A11E5, problem 5003 (WILL_NOT_PERFORM), data 0
At C:\Scripts\Build\newstores.ps1:15 char:13

The DC I was using is the RID Master

Bring up the second DC and ensure replication has happened and everything works again.  One to beware of in virtualised test environments


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