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S.DS.AD – SiteLinks

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SiteLinks are used to control replication between Active Directory Sites.  We have already seen how to find the current site and how to view the domain controllers in that site.  How do we know what sites our site is replicating with – follow the sitelinks.

$site = [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySite]::GetComputerSite()

For each sitelink we will see

Name                         : DEFAULTIPSITELINK
TransportType                : Rpc
Sites                        : {Site1, Default-First-Site-Name}
Cost                         : 100
ReplicationInterval          : 03:00:00
ReciprocalReplicationEnabled : False
NotificationEnabled          : False
DataCompressionEnabled       : True
InterSiteReplicationSchedule :

The replication interval is shown as HH:MM:SS. We will discover how set this using PowerShell later.


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