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Net start – -why?

Posted by: | January 16, 2009 | No Comment |

I am reading the Exchange 2007 Design exam study guide at the moment.  The characters are a bit wooden and the plot is obvious but apart from that its not bad.

One bit made me think that the dots weren’t joined up though.  In a troubleshooting section the authors talk about stopping and starting a service.  When they show how to do it they use net stop and net start.

Hang on a minute.  This is Exchange 2007.  A pre-requisite is PowerShell 1.

PowerShell has good service support. It gets better in Version 2 but v1 has Stop-Service and Start-Service available through the EMS.    Grrr.  And they’d been doing a good job talking about PowerShell up to that point.


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