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Windows 7 update

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I have been running Windows 7 for a few days now & I like it.  There are numerous improvements over Vista (which I have used for a few years now) that make the whole experience better.  I am running on minimal hardware but the system is responsive enough for what I am trying to do (Office and web).  I can have enough office applications open that I can do what I need.

Things I have discovered:

  • PowerShell is installed by default but is not immediately obvious where.  Look in All programms – Accessories – Windows PowerShell.  The version that is installed appears to have a few minor differences compared to CTP3.  Nothing major though. And it works.
  • The combination of the quick launch tray and the taskbar is good. Keeps the bar tidier.  The whole approach to managing open applications is slicker. And it works
  • The calculator gets a make over.  It now gets Programmer and Statistics Modes options added. Very useful. Guess what – it works.
  • UAC is much less intrusive.  This is how it should work.
  • I do like the sticky note applet.  Reminds me of the similar app I used on OS/2.
  • Oh – and there are some really good pictures for the desktop background.
  • Office 2007 installs and works.  The Windows Live apps install and work.
  • My standard AV (AVG 8) installs and works

The bottom line is that it just works which is what I want from an OS.  It does its job and lets me get on with what I want to do.   When I get a machine with a better spec I will definitely be using Windows 7.  I haven’t had any real problems and have found the beta to be really solid


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