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Too ambitious?

Posted by: | April 25, 2009 | No Comment |

Been looking at Exchange 2010.  It installed OK on Windows 2008 R2 Beta and seemed to run OK.  I have come across a few issues:

  • Exchange Management Console doesn’t start properly and doesn’t run properly
  • The new Remote PowerShell functionality doesn’t work (against Windows 7)

I think this is due to trying to work two betas together.  I’m going to put Exchange 2010 onto Windows 2008 SP1 and see what happens when I use PowerShell CTP 3 against it.

Apart from the Exchange 2010 looks good.  The way Exchange 2010 uses PowerShell has changed significantly – especially for remote access.  Really makes remote PowerShell the way to go.

I hope that the RTM timings can be sorted so that Exchange 2010 RTM will work properly on Windows 2008 R2.  Be a big shame to have to wait for Ex 2010 SP1 for this combination.


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