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Today’s the day the gremlins have their picnic

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So the story so far.

Our intrepid presenter is sent to the wilds of Northern England and must deliver the Live Meeting to the PowerShell UG from his hotle room.  No problem.

First problem is that the network in the hotel isn’t playing the game  (thats English understatement for broken).  It will occassionally let him connect but not won’t connect to any of the interesting sites on the Internet. No! Not that sort of interesting.  Interesting as is useful like hotmail or blogs of even Live Meeting.

All the usual attempts were made to rectify the problem – try another machine, try a different time, try different part of hotel Eventually the evil deed could be postponed no longer…….  the help desk had to be rung  <gulp>

One quick restart of the router and connection is made. Whew.

Same problem Tuesday, and Wednesday. This isn’t good news.  Ring help desk again and explain sweetly how much pain they are causing – OK you know me too well – Ring up,  have major rant and give up.

Why during all this can I still connect to work email – I’m not paranoid they are out to get me.

Thursday morning connectivity looks good & can connect. Just to be safe email friends and arrange for someone to to explain circumstances if can’t connect.

Thursday evening – connectivity is good, Live Meeting is good, upload slides, share PowerShell and start.  YeeHa.

Spoke too soon.

40 minutes into the session my laptop blue screens (my first ever blue screen on Windows 7 – unbelievable!!)  Why do demos always go wrong???

Quick phone call to get Jonathan to explain whats happening while I frantically re-connect

Finish demo

Finish Q&A.  All done. Time for a beer.

Thank you to those who attended and apologies again for the glitch.  Hope you can make it for the next session.

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